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Flu Clinics

We have flu clinic appointments remaining  on the following weekday afternoons:

Tuesday 20th October  
Wednesday 21st October
Tuesday 3rd November  
Wednesday 4th November

Subject to vaccine supplies we also hope to offer flu vaccinations on

 Saturday 7th November 9am - 3pm

Priority will be given to children on the Saturdays

Making an appointment and coming to the Flu Clinic:

  • Please phone reception (028 90204218) to make your flu clinic appointment

  • You will be given a 5 minute appointment

  • Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible to avoid queuing and to allow us to operate a safe distance policy

  • Please do NOT attend if you are feeling unwell, have developed a temperature or cough or loss of taste or smell

  • Your temperature will be taken when you arrive and you will be directed immediately to have your immunisation ( so please do not arrive late or too early)

  • Please wear a MASK and make sure you wear clothing that allows you to uncover your upper arm quickly and easily for the injection

  • We are operating a one-way systems so that after your immunisations you will be directed out of the building by the back stairs ( unless you have mobility difficulties and need to use the lift).

New arrangements to improve GP access

Over the last several weeks we realise just how difficult it has been for patients seeking medical advice.  We have discovered, however, that telephone and video consultations can play an important role in the slow return to "normality".

As we continue to cope with the Covid19 pandemic, Dunluce Family Practice will be introducing a new way of accessing GP services allowing patients to receive timely advice and to be seen whenever necessary within the bounds of safe practice.

From Monday 8th June you will be able to phone up,  or go online, and book a slot to speak with one of the doctors who will call you back on the same day.  You will also be able to request to speak with a specific doctor whenever that doctor is on duty. We will be offering more face to face consultations while maintaining safe practice with regard to avoiding virus transmission.

Our aim will be to respond, wherever possible, the same day whenever you have a health issue.  We will post more details in due course.

in the meantime .........

A big thank you to all our patients for your understanding and forbearance.  Your safety is our number one priority and, right now, that is best served by limiting the footfall at the surgery.   We will continue to provide the prescriptions you need as usual and by sending these to the local pharmacy of your choice.  We will continue to provide the best care and reassurance we can through telephone consultations.

The photograph below  shows some of the practice team during happier times at the Christmas party last year. With your co-operation and help we hope it will not be long before those happier times return.  Stay safe everybody!

practice group at Christmas

Catch it Bin It Kill it

If you have questions about the Coronavirus pandemic,  to avoid overloading the practice telephones, please go to the NHS direct website for up to date information -

 You can also phone the NHS for advice on 111

Please read the information below carefully. It deals with the special measures we have put in place to combat coronavirus.

More detail about the outbreak can be found here.


Coronavirus Outbreak (Covid 19)

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we have suspended all patient bookable appointments.  This includes appointments bookable online and by telephone. DO NOT COME TO THE PRACTICE UNLESS YOU ARE ASKED TO DO SO BY A DOCTOR.

What do I do if I think I have the Coronavirus?

The first thing is not to panic.  Most patients will have a mild illness and will recover within 7 – 10 days.

The usual symptoms are a raised temperature (fever) and a new dry cough.  Some patients may also complain of flu like symptoms such as muscle aches and pains and “chills”.

If you experience these symptoms:

You and anybody in your household should isolate yourselves in your own home (to avoid spreading the virus) for 14 days.

You do not need to contact us for advice. You will not need a Coronavirus test. Make sure your fluid intake is adequate and take paracetamol for high temperature and muscle aches and pains.

DO NOT PHONE THE PRACTICE OR THE 111 help line OR Out of Hours unless you become very unwell.


If you are better and have not had a high temperature for 2 days you can stop self-isolation the following day.

What if I get worse?

The infection may last several days and that would be usual.  If you feel that your symptoms are getting significantly worse, have lasted more than 7 days or if you are experiencing breathing problems

then phone NHS helpline 111 in the first instance

If you are having difficulty getting advice, then you can phone the practice on (028) 90204218  or Out Of Hours.

In a medical emergency phone 999


If your condition has deteriorated significantly we may advise that you go to hospital.

Special Measures

We have also introduced the following changes to minimise footfall at the surgery to try and reduce the risk to patients and staff:


You will not be able to book a routine appointment as before.  Instead, if you feel you have an urgent problem that requires a medical opinion, you can phone the practice (O28) 90204218 for a triage appointment. Please leave as much detail with the receptionist as you can.  A doctor will phone you back.


You will not be able to collect prescriptions or repeat prescriptions from the practice.  Instead we will send (or in urgent circumstances telephone) your prescription to a local pharmacist of your choice.

Sick Certificates

We will not be issuing sick certificates ( fitness notes) related to corona virus infection and self-isolation circumstances.  The Government are introducing special measures to deal with this and you should discuss with your employer.

If you require a sick certificate for an ongoing condition for which you have consulted, we may arrange to send this to you by post.


Home visits to patients will have to be significantly curtailed.  All requests for house calls will be triaged first by telephone and we will only make visits when we deem these to be clinically essential.

For reasons of safety we will not carry out visits to patients with respiratory problems who may have corona virus.  Instead patients who have significant respiratory problems will be referred directly to hospital.

Thank you for your cooperation at this difficult time.

More detail about the outbreak can be found on the Public Health pages:

Welcome to Dunluce Family Practice!  "Bradbury Medical Practice" and the Kelly Practice" have now merged to form "Dunluce Family Practice". A special welcome to the patients of Bradbury Medical Practice who will be joining us at Dunluce Health centre.

We are excited about our new practice because it will allow us to provide all our  patients with a wider range of appointments and services.  However we ask you to bear with us as we sort out the organizational teething problems of the merger. In particular we apologise for the delay in sorting out the new website because we know many of you have come to rely on this for access to appointments and repeat prescriptions.

With patient’s needs at the heart of everything we do, our website has been designed to make it easy for you to gain instant access to the information you need. As well as specific practice details such as opening hours and how to register, you’ll find a wealth of useful pages covering a wide range of health issues along with links to other relevant medical organisations.

Advice about treating common ailments

Click on the links below for advice on how to treat some minor ailments yourself and when you may need to see the doctor.

Do I need an antibiotic?

Does my child need an antibiotic?

Common Cold and Flu-like Illnesses

Sore Throat

Symptoms of cough / acute bronchitis

Sore Ear

Caring for children with coughs

Treatment Room Refurbishment

Please bear with us while our nurses' Treatment Room is being refurbished over the next 3 months.  In the meantime the treatment room has been relocated to room 8 where space is more limited.

Please note that if you want to see one of the treatment room nurses you need to make an appointment.  This can be done through reception.

DURING THE CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC routine and non-urgent appointments are suspended -  though the nurses will continue to see patients for essential procedures such as INR, Dressings and removal of stiches

If you are attending for a consultation with one of the doctors, and a treatment room visit is required, an appointment will be booked but this may not necessarily be on the same day.  These changes have been necessary to manage the Treatment Room workload better and also to reduce patient waiting times.

Practice closed on Tuesday afternoons from 1pm

The practice is now closed on Tuesday afternoons from 1pm to facilitate staff training and development and administrative tasks.

In a MEDICAL EMERGENCY you can still phone the practice on 02890204218

Additional practice closure half days in   2020

We participate in the South Belfast Federation of Family Practices Training and Learning events.  The practice will be closed for this additional training on the following upcoming dates:


New Lifestyle advice

We have added a new "Lifestyle" page to link you to some advice about the measures you can take to stay healthy.  This month we are looking at sugar

New local resource - if you have diabetes and are even thinking about pregnancy

You will find a lot of really useful information from local Northern Ireland people speaking about their experience of diabetes  in pregnancy.

If you have already been pregnant and told you had Gestational Diabetes - you may find clicking on this link below useful.

Get Well, Keep Well

Of course we’re not just here for when you are unwell. Our team of healthcare professionals and back-up staff offer a number of clinics and services to promote good health and wellbeing whatever your medical condition.

Join In

We hope you enjoy having a look around the site and familiarising yourself with some of the online features such as ordering a repeat prescription. Whatever your thoughts, be sure to let us know via our feedback function. Comments and suggestions are always a great way of helping us continue to enhance the way we look after you.

The health centre complies with current disability legislation.

Useful numbers

Reception:90204218for appointments, messages and general queries


 Open between 11.00 and 15.00 (note you can also order on-line but need to register for this service)

24hr Prescription line (answerphone)
Test results:90204324between 11am and 12.45 only
Fax;90204267can be used 24hrs for prescription requests




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